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Roe separation machine (NMR Centrifuge)

Roe separation machine is designed for separating roe bag by centrifugation.

Max. capacity: 80-100 kg/hour

Basket's volume: 45 l

Permissible weight of loading: up to 25 kg

The machine is programmed for automatic sequential implementation of extraction modes:

Extraction №1 - extraction with low drum rotation speed and discharge: 30-40 turnovers per minute

Extraction №2 - extraction with high drum rotation speed and discharge: 120-140 turnovers per minute

Time of roe extraction: up to 20 minutes

Setting of a mode of drum rotation speed can be changed by frequency converter, placed on the control panel.

Rotation speed: variable, 20-180 turnovers per minute

Technical data:

Power, kW


Voltage, V

380 ±10%

Frequency, Hz







Cylindrical (ontrol panel on the machine)

Cylindrical (wall control panel)

Dimensions (diameter х height)

650 х 860х1000 mm

950х550х1050 mm

550х550х900 mm


180 kg

150 kg

145 kg