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Pin-Bone Remover Unifood 2X-350

Man year: 2004

Double-line, two heads

Two machines on stock

The Pin-bone remover model 350 Double is a double-line pin-bone machine.

The machine is perfect for removal of pin bones on salmon and trout fillets.


Capacity: 20-40 fillets/min

Staff: 0-1 person

Water connection: 1 x 3/8"

Water consumption: 1 x 0 - 21/min       

Power connection:  3 x 400V/230V + PE

Power consumption: 1,0 kW

The machine uses two knives and rollers. You hereby achieve a capacity of 20-40 fillets/min depending on the operational setup and the quality and nature of the fish. After removal of the pin-bones there only remains between 2-3 pin-bones in the fillet. The pin-bone machine will not damage and gape the fillets after pin-boning.

The machine is extremely efficient, gentle to the fillets and minimizes labour costs.

The two of pin-bone heads is designed in a way that they can be adjusted in angle or horizontally. The machines is supplied with water cleaning.

Weight: 582 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1790x1185x1900 mm