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Pisces Nobbing Machine PN 400

The Pisces Nobbing machine is a highspeed heading, eviscerating and tail removal machine suitable for sardine, herring, mackerel and similar species up to 400 mm in length.

With speeds up to 300 fish per minute the PN 400 utilizes a gill cover location system to ensure a maximum yield head cut irrespective of fish size, dual vacuum ports for efficient viscera removal and an adjustable tail cut locator. Production throughput is monitored and recorded by a simple PLC which also controls all speed and timing functions.

The PN 400 is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. This includes stainless steel motors, bearings and gearboxes. All electrical controls are in wash down enclosures and electrical circuits are to CE safety standards with lock out boxes and 24-volt control interface.

The PN 400 is available with fish pocket formats of 45, 60, 75 and 90 mm and with an optional cut to specific can length, plus cutlet production configuration, for maximum utilization of raw material.

Capacity:                         up to 300 fish per minute

Size range:                      sardine, herring, mackerel up to 400 mm in length

Cut size options               9,5-10 cm/10,2-10,7 cm/12,5-13 cm


Water Connections       Standard garden hose connection

Water Consumption      7,57 l per minute

Electrical                       Three phase, 380-480 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power                            2 kW

Operators                      3

Net Weight                    544 Kg