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Hodekappemaskiner for fisk

Hodekappemaskin – Rund Kutt Baader IS033

Processes: cod and other whitefish with throat cut  

Working range: 1-13 kg

Throughput rate: up to 30 fish/min

Operator: 1 person

The fish is placed belly to operator head first into the machine. The fish head is held and the entire fish is transported to the knife section where a high-yield head cut is performed. The main body of the fish, with collarbone on, discharges to the front of the machine. The head is transported via a chute to the rear of the machine.

Thanks to its construction, the  operator has a clear view of the  machine. Adjustments e.g. for adaptations or service operation are performed easily and operator-friendly as well as knife replacement.

Technical Data:

Water consumption: 10 l/min

Power consumption: 2.2 kW


Maximum yield

Easy handling and clean up

No size adjustment necessary