Porsjonskutter B22

Man. year: 2008
Condition: after the service

The ScanPortioner B22 is an advanced high-speed dual lane portion cutter designed for high portioning capacity of fixed-weight and/or length specific whitefish products.

The ScanPortioner B22 is ideal for products with a maximum width of 200 mm and height of 40 mm.

The ScanPortioner B22 design uses a high-speed laser vision system to maintain very high accuracy - and still provide a top performance with up to 1500 cuts/minute per knife per lane.

The ScanPortioner B22 has a 45-degree cutting option. It takes only seconds to switch cutting angles back and forth between 90 and 45 degrees.

Max. cutting speed: 1500 cuts/min per lane

Belt speed: 500 mm/sec

Max. product length: 600 mm

Max. product width: 200 mm

Max. product height: 40 mm

Dimensions LxWxH: 3200x1480x1750 mm

Double capacity due to dual-lane system

The ScanPortioner B22 is designed as a dual-lane system with split infeed conveyor and separate

servomotors. The ScanPortioner is delivered with an extra-long infeed conveyor (1145 mm) as standard - giving you maximum room for operators.

Intelligent portion cutting

Pre-programmed calibration enables you to switch product set-ups in seconds. Specialised programs ensure you a highly flexible portioning solution that always makes the right decision prior to the actual cutting. The portion cutter can be adjusted from the control panel at any time during the portioning process.

Unmatched accuracy

The latest in laser vision technology, featuring a 100 Hz camera, ensures unparalleled accuracy.

Ultra-fast cutting

Each knife makes up to 25 cuts per second (1500 cuts per minute), with the dual system doubling this.

This is especially useful when cutting small fish products to a small target weight. The two separate knives, each with its own servomotor, ensure you complete control during the portioning process. 

Ease of access

The machine is designed with one single door that gives unrestricted access to everything, for effective cleaning and maintenance. Conveyor belts are easy to remove for inspection and cleaning, with no tools required.

Extremely hygienic

Cleaning is both quick and easy, because there are no horizontal surfaces. Water simply runs right off everything.