Norfo B35 Portion Cutter

Norfo B35 Portion Cutter 
Man. year: 2000
Condition: very good

The machine is used for portioning fish fillets and whole fish. The product is placed on the conveyer, which speeds  up to 400 mm / sec. The position of the laser allows to scan the product  in sections and measure it at  regular intervals. The information obtained is processed and matched to your requirements in order to receive a portion of (product) of the desired weight and length. This machine can be integrated in the line and connected to the  sorting, packing, weighting and other type of processing  equipment.

Cutting angle is adjustable, allowing you to present your product in a more attractive way.Knives are made in a variety of versions - depending on the product that you want to cut.

Conveyer speed: 20-400 mm/sec

Cutting speed: up to  600 cuts/min

Memory capacity: up to  84 programms 

utting angle: 45 to  90 degrees 

Accuracy: 2-3%

Max. product size:  250 x 120 x 1000 mm